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Commercial Restoration

When any business faces an emergency due to fire damage, mold, water damage and more, a commercial restoration service that encounters the problems in a fast, efficient and professional way is necessary. Each minute that business is out of work means loss of money and profitability; a commercial restoration company that offers 24 hour availability, quick answer, qualified personnel and ultimate equipment that allow the business to go back to normal functioning as soon as possible is the solution. Restoration activities must start any time of the day to offer immediate mitigation. JD Restoration has experience, ability, technicians and machines that allow us to fit your business in a short time, but with the finest ending and top quality. We assess the extension of the damage and according to our first diagnostic, we establish an action plan to restore your business.

Encountering damages is always stressful, expensive and upsetting for business owners and managers. The delay of solving damages could worsen the situation because damages can grow up by time; for instance, water leak due to a hole on the roof may start mold growing or damage furniture, carpets and more. JD Restoration is able to restore your properties and get them back to function normally in a really short time. We offer a vast array of restoration services for commercial restoration:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Odor Removal (after fire, water damage or mold remediation)
  • Commercial Restoration after Natural Disasters
  • Commercial Fire Damage Restoration
  • And other commercial restoration services required
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Commercial Water Restoration
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We fix damages caused by natural events like flooding, storms or wind damage. We repair large broken pipes, drain flooded areas, dry large rooms, dehumidify areas; we mitigate mold growing and restore the balance of mildew at offices. We remove smoke odor and clean HVAC to warranty pure and clean air. We render a fast quality service to help you go back to work in little short time. Our Commercial Restoration service has multiple target; we have the expertise to work on:

  • Small or large office buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Manufactures and industrial facilities

Call JD Restoration: +1 844 870 4508. Your business restoration in good hands.

JD Restoration take care of Different Emergencies, Different methodology, with One Motto: Quality

Not every event is faced in the same way; each emergency requires a particular methodology for problem solving. At JD Restoration technicians are conscious about that reality and they care about not only of solving the situation, but do it with QUALITY. At commercial buildings, different situations that require restoration services are present. Our comprehensive work efforts allow you to go back to your normal activities in a brief period.


Commercial Cleaning Service. It is too easy that dirt and grime accumulate from everyday transit of people along corridors, offices and restrooms. Professional cleaning sanitizes and protects carpets, upholstery and all the facilities at your business. People from JD Restoration take charge of cleaning air ducts, tiles, grouts, drapery, furniture and carpets. Air ducts require a regular cleaning that includes coil cleaning, duct cleaning, allergens removal and mold prevention treatments. With the tiles and grouts, we dedicate to clean and seal doors, baths, kitchen and counter tops. Drapery, furniture and carpets are cleaned deeply using safe chemicals for people’s health and delicate to fabrics. Grime is extracted radically.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration. No matter the reason of water damage, it requires a quick action to prevent further damages. At the moment a report of water damaged is received, our team gets to buildings and reach burst pipes, water leaks, or any other water damage source. We drain water, dehumidify damped areas; we make our best effort to prevent carpets stain, document damage, furniture swell, metal tarnish, mold growing and unpleasant odors. Employees or inhabitants’ health must be preserved and water damages means a huge amount of health risks derived from contaminated water, humidity, mildew and mold growing; those factors generate respiratory problems and chronic allergies.

Commercial Odor Removal. After a fire, harder than extinguish fire itself, is smoke removal; smoke odor lasts for a long period of time and damages originated by that smoke mean immeasurable losses. Smoke removal must be done quickly; air duct cleaning, debris removal, vacuuming, deodorization and proper ventilation is fulfilled. Besides odor from smoke, commercial buildings might encounter odors from mildew and mold. JD Restoration attacks odor from mildew and mold executing a deep and professional dehumidification, mold mitigation, mold remediation, and using best practices, controlling humidity levels.

Commercial Restoration after Natural Disasters. Strong winds and heavy rain can remove roof tiles, break windows and more; natural disasters like floods or hurricanes left behind destruction and debris. Do not feel overwhelmed thinking about damages at your facilities. Our professional restoration services respond quickly and efficiently for your activities back on course. No matter if a single room or an entire wind was damaged, we are 100% capable of restore damages caused by hurricanes or floods. We drain water, remove debris, mitigate mold, manipulate bio hazard waste and perform construction services.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration. Damages caused by fire are sometimes hard to identify at 100%. After fire is extinguished, a meticulously checking as well as a profound cleaning service must be done. JD Restoration top personnel handle ultimate procedures and equipment to clean, deodorize and restore spaces, furniture, carpets, HVAC systems and ducts. We ventilate locations to draw out dust and soot from the air; we check out the condition of goods in search of items that can be preserved and others that must be drop out; we clean soot of the rooms and corridors from up and down; we neutralize smoke odor and deodorized the facility. Air ducts and furniture are treated against smoke odor.

JD Restorations Methodology

For commercial restoration services, we are absolutely conscious about the relation time vs. efficiency. In commercial restorations we encounter huge challenges: the size of the structure, the size of damages and the need of being ready soon. But nevertheless these challenges, we are absolutely well capable to face any restoration goal. Our methodology is highly professional since the first contact clients make with us.

Our help line is up 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to answer your questions and your call.
Professionals go to the site and make a deep supervision to search damages, organize the action plan and give you feasible solutions.
We make big efforts to solve your emergency in short time.
The preservation of your items inside the buildings is one of our goals.
Drain water, mold remediation, dehumidification, odor removal and more, any restoration task is faced by our team with efficiency and professionalism.
Cleaning and a shine environment is one of the results you will get from our services.
You will never regret on trust on JD Restoration. Call us at +1 844 870 4508.

Mold in Commercial Buildings: A Public danger

As you might know, mold is extremely risky in any environment. But the existence of mold in commercial buildings is more dangerous due to the so much big quantity of people that transit in those buildings. The safeguard of public, employees or inhabitants of building contaminated by mold is delicate and as soon as mold is detected, mold remediation must start. After water damage, floods, storm damage or any other event related to water, moisture in buildings rise up and the humid environment foster mold growing. JD Restoration technique of encapsulating mold before starting to mitigate it provides an extra benefit of retention of mold and avoiding mold spread.

Our procedures for mold remediation are not hazardous for people and they are quick and effective. We perform our best practice to affect as minimum as possible people’s health and the normal routine and productivity in commercial buildings. We clean and sanitized the area after mold remediation and certified mold is contained. After we finish our work, we strictly suggest our clients a regular check out of areas to avoid future mold growing. To check out walls, ceilings, carpet, furniture and equipment is important in the prevention of mold growing. Check out kitchen areas, HVAC equipment and ducts, entryways, garbage containers, carpets and any other item that could be in touch with water or moisture.