Disaster Recovery Team

A Friendly hand in a moment of sorrow defines accurately JD Restorations Disaster Recovery Team. Motivated by a constant feeling of support, our disaster recovery team will come to the rescue in an emergency event. Disaster Recovery Team allocates all its energy to rescue you, your home or business from the disaster. Immediately after the disastrous incident, call our services and the team will serve you fast and efficiently. We have a 24 hour attention team that covers all your emergencies and provides a plenty number of options to solve the precarious situation you are facing. Nonetheless a small or huge disaster, we will rush to your place and attend the emergency.

When Disaster Recovery Team Get into Action

There is no small or big incident that our team cannot cope. JD Restorations Disaster Recovery Team can face emergencies related to:

Hurricane damage


Storm Damage

Fire Damage

After any of the disasters that could ever happen, confusion, sorrow and losses prevail. You, your family or people in your business might not be prepared to face such situations. And that is normal. That is the job of professionals. In those situations people with training to react in disasters is required; qualified people help to restore the immediate urgencies and help emotionally to victims in order they manage a little bit easier the difficulties. The team is prepared not only technically but also human to assist you during the disaster.  

You have an emergency? Call JD Restorations Disaster Recovery Team

No matter the time you have an emergency; we have a contact line that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to answer. Day or night, weekdays or weekend; festivities or labor days, contact us and we will keep record of your situation. As soon as you can, contact us. A professional will answer your call and take note about your request. If it is the case, the person at the line will give you some instructions to follow meanwhile the team arrives to your place. Immediately your phone call ends, or always ready Disaster Recovery Team will receive your message and will take notes about your request and instructions. Considerately, the team will rush to your location to start the action.

First Contact with our Disaster Recovery Team

Before our team arrives to your home or business, a person from JD Restorations will contact you and inform you about people from the team names and other relevant information for your security. And once the team arrives, each member of the team must identify and inform his or her function in the team. They are going to explain you briefly their goals and main activities to mitigate the emergency. Trust on the team is important for us. If by any chance you are not 100% comfortable, make us know. Remember we are there to serve you. If there is any discomfort, let the team know to correct the situation immediately and move forward in the duties.

Beginning of the Process

After first contact, the JD Restorations Disaster Recovery Team will make a comprehensive inspection to find the source of the problem; if the problem is easily visualized, the team will check anyway for extra damages. If you can guide them through the location and facilitate the identification of the affected area, they will save valuable time. But if you cannot, never mind: they are perfectly qualified to do a comprehensive supervision of areas and identification of damages. It is very important you avoid extra efforts helping them. As we mention before, they are qualified to perform their duties.

Emergency Actions

Depending on the seriousness of the damages, JD Restorations Disaster Recovery Team will approach emergencies with different focuses. Any restoration service that requires more procedural actions or more time will be done after the emergency is solved. According to team’s experience, some remedial actions will be taken. Emergency actions may vary depending on the disaster. For example, talking about hurricane damages, after a hurricane, debris and flood invade the landscape. Tress, branches, tiles and more may be all around; maybe debris is blocking entrances. The Disaster Recovery Team gets into action to remove debris and let you mobilize. Floods can enter into the buildings and swamp everything in your site; an emergency drainage might be done. Or maybe worst: the hurricane took away part of your roof and you need to install a tarp.

 After storm damages as well as hurricane damages, storm damages include debris spread everywhere, possible damages to the buildings and furthermore. Probably a tarp installation will be appropriated; debris removal, water extraction and other actions adequate to set the normality. There is no a standard solution because we treat each emergency as a particular one. We maximize effort to provide an appropriated solution for each problem. Remember that the actions the team takes are remedial and are not in any case, long term solutions. After the emergency is solved, JD Restorations can take the rest of the labor, meaning profound restoration.