Hurricane Damages


When you live in areas that tend to be affected by hurricanes, you have to be cautious and aware of possible emergencies. To be prepared to face hurricanes and deal with the damages they generate is a wise decision. Home preparation as well as family readiness and mental abilities in risky events are crucial at hurricane alarms. But if despite all the preparation ritual, hurricanes left damages to your home; do not hesitate about calling professional services to help at home restoration. JD Restoration can manage any type of restoration required caused by hurricanes. We have 24 hour service provided by well-trained and certified people that will restore your comfort in short time. Trust on our services because they are performed following only highest standards.

Hurricane damages are caused by different elements related to them: wind, water and floods. Winds generated by hurricanes are really strong and fast: they range between 27 mph to 200 mph …too strong for anyone and anything, no wonder why they left such a big destruction behind. Hurricanes have 5 categories, being 1 the minimal and 5 considered catastrophic. Objects that hurricanes blow up are literally canyon balls of destruction. Besides, huge amounts of water that are mobilized by hurricanes flood everything around and devastation must be faced professionally and calmed.

Social Contribution of the Government to Hurricane Victims

One of the many social programs that U.S Government have developed to help victims of the nature, is the one devoted to help victims of hurricanes. About 1.2 million Americans live in coasts that are considered at risk from hurricanes. CBO estimates that hurricane damages cost around $28 billion a year. 55% of those damages are in Florida; 13% in Texas and 9% in Louisiana. Federal government pays for 60% of hurricane damages; the money for hurricane damages comes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (that pays 2/3 of government’s bill); the Department of Housing and Urban Development and U.S. army Corps of Engineers (pay a little more than a third). The rest of the expenses are covered by local governments, insurances companies and private individuals. According to some studies, the costs will be increasing in time.


What are the reasons hurricanes are so damaging.

  • High winds – The speed of the winds from hurricanes ranges from 74 mph to 157 mph and more.
  • Storm surge – Hurricane’s high winds push the water up onto the shore. Strong surge and high tides are forces of the storm that are very damaging.
  • Extreme rainfall – During hurricanes, about six inches of rain may fall per hour. So this huge amount of water causes floods.
  • Location – The area of the Gulf and Caribbean are ideal for hurricane development.
  • Season – Period of hurricane is from June 1st to November 30th; but the most dangerous period is from mid-August to mid-October.
  • Lack of preparation – Some constructors that build houses in risky areas use insulating concrete forms and they are more resistant that timber ones. Anchor home to foundations is other strategy to protect buildings.
  • Global Warming – Global warming increases sea levels and worsens storm surges.

Table of Damages caused by Hurricanes depending on the category

CategoryWind SpeedSurge in FeetDamageHome DamageTree DamagePower Outages
174-95 mph4-5SomeSomeBranchesDays
296-110 mph6-8ExtensiveMajorSnappedWeeks
3111-129 mph9-12DevastatingMajorSnappedWeeks
4130-156 mph13-18CatastrophicSevereToppledMonths
5157+ mph19+CatastrophicDestroyedToppledMonths

Tips for protecting your home from hurricane damages

  • Secure your windows and doors. Before hurricane arrives, protect your windows and doors with storm shutters or plywood to reduce shattering risk. Prevent window breaks and avoid your home stay exposed.
  • Protect your home from flood damage. During hurricane arrival floods is a very probable event. Carry some sandbags around your house and pile them up at least 2 feet high. Unplug electrical appliances and shut off electricity.
  • Secure objects outside your house. Outdoor objects like garden furniture, umbrellas, pool items, grills and more become lethal weapons if they are move by hurricane’s strong winds. Tie those objects or place them in a lock place and do not risk with flying objects.
  • Be ready for electricity failure. Get surge protectors for all your electrical appliances because a lightning strike, shortcut or downed electrical pole can damage of your equipment.
  • Make a home inventory. Make a list of your valuable items to claim the insurance.

A Hurricane is born

Traditionally, hurricanes are also known as tropical cyclones. Hurricanes are formed by a combination of humid and warm winds over tropical waters. When warm water from tropical oceans mixes with wind from Africa, water vaporizes. Vapor goes up and there it cools…clouds are formed and this type of clouds generates thunderstorms. While clouds form, a spiral wind pattern forms over the ocean. When rain from thunderstorm falls to the ocean, it is reheated and goes back to atmosphere, the cycle continues and this cycle gives energy to hurricanes.

JD Restoration and Hurricane Damages

After hurricanes pass by your area, devastation and losses are left behind. It is very important you protect first of all, your life and family. And in second place, protect your home. If after all the possible measures you took to protect your home, some damages occurred; JD Restoration can provide you a well performed restoration service. We proceed as follows:

  • In the first contact, personally or by phone, one of our specialists will listen to your report and take notes about all your claims; you know by first-hand the damages and come asking for help. And we can do it.
  • Certified personnel approach to your home to start restoration. First, you will receive some basic instructions and the explanation about JD Restoration procedure in front of hurricane damages. Then we make a comprehensive supervision and take note about all damages after the hurricane. We go further people’s report because we are aware of some classical damages that may happen but are not easily noticed.
  • We bring all the equipment to start the work. Depending on the situation, we extract water, dehumidify your home, mitigate mold, and restore walls or roof…in a single phrase: we take charge of the situation. We have equipment and well trained personnel that can handle any kind of emergency related to hurricane damages.
  • Cleaning is a must for us: after all restoration process is finished, we will clean and sanitized your home so you will be back to a clean and secure place.
  • A final report of our services is done. Remember that we are here to help you.

Trust only in professional services to restore your home. Professional services are certified and qualified to return your home to the best conditions.