Insurance clients

You are standing in the middle of your living room, and at a first glance, you see a huge mess. Maybe you will try to drain water, move your furniture, fix a broken lamp…but forget about it. Depending on the magnitude of the damages, you can hurt yourself trying to mend the problem. So always call professionals to take charge of the situation. Maybe damages are slight and they can be fixed easily. But if it is just the opposite and damages require a big set of repairs and money, and you have an insurance policy, the first thing you must do is call the insurance company. But if you rather call first JD Restorations, we can help you also. If you want to restore your house or business, we also work with insurance clients (homes or business) and we provide you the same treatment and quality service as non-insurance clients.

Basic steps for Insurance clients

Insurance companies are very strict at the moment a client starts a claim. Procedures, terms and clauses may be confusing for you. Here are some important facts that you must take into account if you want to start a claim.

  1. Call the insurance company at the first moment you realized you have an emergency. Do not delay calling your insurance company. They are professionals and they can give a timely advice. On the other hand, if you do not notify them eventualities, maybe you might have problems for claims.
  2. Never expose yourself to a hazardous situation. The insurance company must arrange everything and someone will do any work covered by the policy. If you cannot contact them immediately, call professionals to fix damages…but remember to keep the receipt.
  3. Record all the emergency and damages. Keep a record of everything at your home or business. Take pictures of the emergency: flooded areas, broken pipes or windows, debris or any other damage in your property. Part of the records is to file receipts, credit card bills or bank statements that demonstrate the expenses.
  4. Never throw away damaged possessions if you have not talking about it with your claim adviser about the assessment of the item. Evidence and details are crucial for the claims.
  5. Insurance company must look after you. In emergencies such as storm, floods, fire or hurricanes when you cannot stay at home, insurances policies may include alternative accommodation. So ask for help.

And once again we suggest you: Call Your Insurance Company after any disaster. Remember that if you have an insurance policy, the company is there for you. Ask for help if you have damages at home, from slight to big ones. Call insurance company after the damage occurs, and ask about the steps the insurance company requires you to take. Take a claims adjuster home as soon as possible to verify the damages and to calculate the cost of repairs. Take photos of the damaged areas and any affected valuables. Keep detailed records and receipts.

Tips to choose the best insurance company.

To buy an insurance policy to protect your home or business is the best decision ever. There are some tips that you may consider when choosing a company.

  1. Check out company’s records. To know the financial records of the company will give you an idea about how strong the company is.
  2. Size of the company is not an indicator of how good or bad the company is. Of course, big companies and old ones have more experience in insurance, but it doesn’t mean the news and smaller are not good.
  3. Check for complaints against company. The number and the type of complaints a company has, might give you an idea about how trustable it is or not. This information is available at the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s.
  4. Seek assistant from specialists to buy a policy. A professional will make an analysis of your needs and together you two may find the best option.
  5. Analyze how easy or how difficult claim processes are. This is a very important subject because sometimes claim process is so hard that you’d rather prefer not to do it and lose money.
  6. Ask for discounts for multiple policies. Having homeowner’s insurance, car insurance or life insurance in one place can save you money in premiums if the company offers that type of discount.
  7. Check out if there is a local office near you. This is an important fact at the time of asking assistance.
  8. Ask family and friends for recommendations. Advices from family and friends are always good. Experience from closers is a good starting point.

At the end, the final decision in selecting the insurance company will be yours. Try to be wise about it.