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Storm Damage
water damage
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Fort Myers

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storm damage
water damage
flood damage

Fort Myers

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Storm Damage

There are many different variations of storms with their own specific characteristics. Some can be detected with enough time to prepare, while others are so sudden that you may only have a few minutes to seek shelter. The one thing that all storms have in common is the fact that they produce chaos and leave a path of destruction behind. At JD Restorations, we are the calm after the storm. We provide peace of mind in your most dire time of assistance.

The most common types of events at Fort Myers are:

  • Hurricanes: Fort Myers has experienced several hurricanes over the years. Homes, businesses, and crops may be destroyed or damaged as a result of high winds and storm surge water, public infrastructure may be jeopardized, and people may be injured or killed.
  • Freezing temperatures, ices outbreaks: In Fort Myers, severe winter weather consists of freezing temperatures and heavy precipitation, usually in the form of rain, freezing rain, or sleet, but occasionally in the form of snow and ice. In Fort Myers, when the freeze comes at a high level, machinery needs to be used to take it away.
  • Storms: Winter storms in Fort Myers can range from light snow that lasts a few hours to a blizzard with blinding, wind-driven snow that lasts several days. Winter storms are also named “Deceptive Killers” by the National Weather Service because the majority of deaths are caused by them indirectly. Instead, people are killed in car accidents on icy roads and from hypothermia caused by prolonged cold exposure. It is critical to prepare for winter weather before it arrives.
  • Tornados: During a tornado, people are at risk of being struck by flying or falling objects due to the extremely high winds. The damage left behind by a tornado poses additional injury risks. Although tornadoes cannot be avoided, there are steps you can take to protect your health and safety.
  • Rains and Floodings: Much of Fort Myers is at or near sea level, making flood damage a very common event.

Fort Myers

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Storm Damage 3

After a storm has passed, it is important to identify any potential hazards around your home and any damages that you may have sustained. Preventing further damage to your home is a top priority right after safety. JD Restorations can help if you have noticed any of the following damages in your home:

• Roof Damage

• Broken Windows

• Structural Damage

• Storm Surge

• Flooding

• Fire Damage

• Accumulated Debris

Some of the most common types of storms in Florida are:

• Lightning Storms

• Thunderstorms

• Flooding

• Tornadoes

• Hailstorms

• Tropical Storms

• Hurricanes

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JD Storm Services

The only way to treat odors is to follow a multi-step deodorization procedure that includes:

Debris Removal Service

During a storm, heavy rainfall and winds can cause a mess of things. Structures fall over, trees are uprooted, branches break off, fences and roof shingles are blown everywhere, as well as scattered personal belongings. After the storm passes, emergency debris removal is necessary to clear driveways, home entrances and roadways. Debris from a storm can be a lot to handle. In order to efficiently and rapidly remove the debris, hiring a professional company with experience is the best option.

Tarp Installation Services

If your roof has been damaged by strong winds, the first step in preventing further damage to your home is to prevent further leaks from occurring. JD Restorations is fully capable of preventing further damage to your home by professionally installing a tarp on your roof. Tarps are a necessary temporary solution until you are able to make repairs or replace your damaged roof. The installation process is quick and highly effective.

Tarp Material

100% PE (Polyethylene) Material, blue color

Finished size 3 ft. aluminum eyelet

Sizes: 20×30 ft2. / 30×50 ft2

Debris Removal Service

Spray Adhesive

Preservation Tape (3 in.)

15 lbs Sandbags.

Tarp Duration

Duration: 2-4 months

Tarp Installation

Tarp installation can be secured by using adhesive spray, preservation tape and sandbags on multiple points of a roof. Tarps can be modified by making incisions where exhaust vents are found, and preservation tape can be applied to properly seal the exposed areas surrounding the vents.