Tarp Installation


Strong winds, heavy storms and uprooted trees are just some varying natural circumstances that are beyond anyone’s control. They can cause serious damages to your home’s exterior and roof. These incidents are unpredictable, unpreventable and they can be very inconvenient.

Because natural disasters and other causes of exterior damage come without warning, you may not have an immediate solution to getting the repairs done. Repairs will take a bit to get completed, but in the meantime, you will need to find a temporary solution to prevent further damages.

At JD Restorations, we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive, fast acting, top quality alternative, to make you feel ease when disaster strikes. Tarp installations are the only alternative you will have when your roof or outside structure has been damaged. Installing tarps temporarily will prevent further damages to the home.

If you are not sure the extent of the damages your residence has, that is no problem. Our highly-trained technicians will come to inspect the property and make sure that all the damaged areas are taken care of.




Tarps are useful tools when trying to temporarily protect a structure. The vary in many things:


  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Size
  • Grommet strength


They are very versatile and are more protective than you think. Here are some details you probably didn’t know:

Tarps can be made of:


  • Polyethylene
  • Canvas
  • Polyethylene


Polyethylene tarps are resistant to many things and are waterproof. Some tars are treated with ultraviolet lights and they can last for years.

Canvas tarps are water resistant but not waterproof. Standing water will drip through it. Vinyl tarps are the most resistant. They are resistant to: oil, acid, grease and mildew. Vinyl tarps are also water proof.


JD Restorations Tarp Installation

At JD Restorations we are ready when disaster strikes. We offer a complete service that will give you a temporary solution to your unexpected emergency. Our tarps will remain protecting your home until you are able to find a permanent solution. Our emergency line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will be here to aid you during the crisis. Our team will be ready to come out help you through. We are highly committed to temporarily solving your problem. To get a better idea of the tarp installation process follow along with the steps below.


  1. When you call our customer service line you will be in contact with one of our team members. They will ask you a series of questions to get a better idea of what the situation at the residence looks like.
  2. At your initial appointment, our team will start the inspection to get a better idea of the damages. They will give you some important tips to follow during this stressful situation. Our teams at JD Restorations are here to support you.
  3. During the initial inspection, pictures are taken to document the process. We keep records of every step so we can follow up methodically with the progress of the services.
  4. If there are branches, trees or any other debris around, they are all carefully removed. It is essential that the area stay cleaned before starting tarp installation. Wastes of roof, tiles, and pieces of wood must be taken away.
  5. The area to be covered by tarp is measured carefully. Tarp selection includes size, material and other aspect important for client’s satisfaction. It is crucial for us to cover all openings. Our certified technicians are very dedicated in completing all tarp installations properly and accurately, and in all steps of the process.
  6. We work safe and we work clean, If any debris has been collected, it will be removed from the damaged area.
  7. A final inspection will be completed.



If any other restoration service, besides tarp installation is required, JD Restorations technicians can handle it. Ask about our other services. We have a wide variety of restoration services to offer.


Tarp Installation: the best solution in an emergency situation, if you don’t take necessary precautions to prevent further damages to your home you run the risk of having a larger amount of them later on. Tarp installations are a quick easy and effective way to stay ahead of the game when damages have struck your home. Installing a tarp roof as an emergency measure.

Always keep in mind that after any damage your home encounters, it is always better to hire professional services to help.

Call JD Restorations for your tarp installation.