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Wind Damage

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wind damage

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Wind Damage

Every year, many streets, parks, landscapes and houses are destroyed by wind or its collateral damages. According to reports from credible sources in the country, winds damages are more common than those from tornadoes. Anyone living in areas considered thunderstorm-prone is at risk for undergoing this menace; every house around those areas is susceptible to be damaged. No matter the material houses are made of, wind damage can occur to it; and from all type of houses, mobile homes, of course, are the most susceptible to serious damages; people who inhabit them can suffer from severe injuries or inclusive may die.

Winds considered damaging are the so called “straight-line” and they are usually derived from outflow caused by strong thunderstorms downdraft; these winds may exceed speeds of 50-60 mph but are below 100 mph and their damage may be extended for hundreds of miles. Material mobilization from winds usually can cause more damages than winds themselves; winds can mobilize debris, shards of glass, tree branches and more; all these materials may blow through the air and fall onto or across your roof, damaging all around your home. For removing those debris and fix wind damages, always hire professional services. JD Restoration can listen to your emergency and help solving it.

Tips to protect your house from Wind Damages

Not only tornadoes or hurricanes cause severe damages to your house, also winds damages houses and buildings; and not only winds damage your home but also debris it is blown by wind; if you live in a risky area or you hear a thunderstorm is coming, you can take some prevention measures to protect your home from the aggression of wind. Here are some recommendations you may follow:

  • If you live in a windy zone, avoid building houses with large areas of glass, like multiple panel windows or double-entry doors. If you have an existing structure, secure windows and other areas of glass.
  • Install permanent storm shutters to protect windows. Prefer aluminum or steel and manually operated; if you have motor-driven, you cannot use them if the power fails. Select models adequate to the wind and impact standards for your area.
  • If your budget is not enough for installing permanent shutters, temporary plywood covers are an economical option. They are installed pretty quickly and they also suitable for sliding glass doors and French doors.
  • Reinforce your garage door. A garage door that is not very strong is an entrance to danger in windy situations. Ask for professional help if you think you need extra secure the doors.
  • Secure or tie strongly objects that can be moved by wind. Secure garden furniture or pool accessories, umbrellas, trash containers or grills. Flying furniture can break windows, doors and roof.
  • If it is possible, remove trees near your property that can eventually fall over your house. If they look weakened or dead trunks, they will tend to break. Be cautious and cut damaged parts of the trees: if there are branches over your roof that can damage it, also cut them. To preserve trees is important, but sometimes trees are not beneficial but dangerous.
  • At least once a year, check your roof conditions. Check for loose or missing shingles; if you see any loose, secure and fix it. If you need roof again, invest in weather-resistant shingles.


Initial Checkout to diagnostic wind damage

During strong winds, the best idea is to stay secured at home and avoid being outside. You have to secure yourself, your family and pets. But after the strong wind ends, it is time to take a look and check possible damages caused by winds. Be careful and do not expose yourself to hazardous situations. General inspection may include:

  1. Visual inspection of roof. Look for missing shingles. If it is possible, jump up a ladder and try to move shingles. This could indicate that the shingle seal was broken. They must be always well sealed. If they are not adjusted and glued, water may get into your house through the roof. Pay special attention to the corners and perimeters; these zones are more susceptible of being damaged. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) most wind damage to roof start on the edges.
  2. Look for debris and trees over your property. Winds can carry debris and trees branches, fragments or complete onto the roof or around your house. Clean as soon as possible all this waste, especially on the roof because the waste can damage your roof.
  3. Check out chimneys condition. Inspect for damaged bricks, leaning, loose or missing flashing, or cracked joints.
  4. Check if there are stains on walls and ceilings: they can be mold infected area. Call professional services for a proper diagnostic and remediation of mold problem. Check your attic for damp areas: they may indicate that the roof or ventilation is broken.

Victim of Wind Damage. What is next?

If you already know that your roof was damaged by wind or flying debris, you must call professionals to fix it. The sooner you repair the roof, the less you will spend repairing other damages derived from water damage, for instance. Call a trusted and experienced restoration company to remove debris and to repair the roof. Try to rush for this.

What JD Restoration offer after Wind Damage.

Once you are aware of damages left by wind damage, we can take charge of the situation. We attend emergencies the 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day. Call our emergency line, contact our technicians and we will take the situation in our hands. Our professionals are well trained on wind damage restoration and debris disposal. With our special diligence, we will solve any problem after wind. What can you get from JD Restoration?

  • Help line available 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • Well trained personnel that will go to your hose within the first hour after you call
  • Professional diagnostic and supervision of wind damages
  • Certified procedures for debris disposal and restorations
  • Efficient technicians that will solve the emergency quickly
  • Continuous monitoring and follow-up of the work
  • Personal support for stressful situations
  • Satisfaction guarantee

JD Restoration has the experience required for solving wind damages at your home. Ask for our services any time and we will be pleased to help you.