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About Us

JD Restorations first opened its doors with one location in Miami in 2013. Starting off with one work truck and a couple of technicians, we knew that providing exceptional customer service and treating each job as if it were our own home would mean the world to our customers in their most dire need of help. With IICRC certifications in water, fire, odor control, trauma and crime scene, as well as licenses in mold assessment and remediation with the State of Florida, we here at JD Restorations are held to uphold the very standard that protects your property when sudden damages occur. Fast forward to today, JD Restorations has grown to include both residential and commercial restoration services across Florida, but with the same attention to detail, professionalism and care that was first introduced to the industry and customers alike.


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Our Mission

“To restore the peace provided by a safe, healthy environment after the chaos of a disaster damages a property.”

Our Core Values Are What Define Us


Quality of setting high standards and always trying to surpass them.


Trust in believing what others have to say and giving you a reason to believe in us.


Gratitude in what we have accomplished and striving to make others grateful for knowing us.