About us

Have you had a disaster at home or in your business and you have no idea what to do? You do not need to be an expert on restoration or solving damages if you can trust in the professional services of JD Restoration. With a vast array of experience in the restoration field, we can manage any emergency you encounter at any time. We have highly qualified experts that using the best practices, employing the ultimate equipments and following professional procedures will take charge of the situation and relief the stress that damages bring anyone. Quality services that restore your environment in a brief time, but with excellent finishing is what you get from JD Restoration.

Our company characterizes for having a selected line of personnel, certified and trained in the field of restoration services, domestic and commercial. They are trained to perform the most careful activities, following strict procedures and approved security rules. They are not only professionals that care about your environment, but also about you: they are respectful, responsible and sensible in relation to your loss and emergency. They will support you and assist you during all the restoration process. Our people know that your safety is first and they will follow only best practices for you to be safe and comfortable during and after restoration.

Our owners

He is devoted to client’s service. He is deeply concerned with the complete satisfaction of the clients and professional service.

Our staff

Our technicians

He has a vast experience in the restoration field. He can handle any emergency at any time. He is the kind of person who is always there to serve.

He has completed a long training in restoration. He has gotten different certifications and he will fit everything for you.

All our staff will provide you the best service. Our professionalism precedes us and our experience also.