Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Removal


If you have a fire emergency call 911.

Fires are unpredictable. They strike without warning and in the unlikeliest of ways. When they happen, they happen fast. They affect everything in your life and have devastating outcomes. At any level, fires affect everything; your home, your family and your peace of mind.

Fires leave behind an immense number of unpleasant remnants. Not only do you have the fire damage and the smell of smoke; but you will have water damage and flooding as well. At this point you might not even know where to begin to bring your home back to its livable condition. Undoubtedly, you will need professional help to ease past your current situation. With the professional help that JD Restorations has to offer, you will be relieved of any worries you might have. We will be able to assist you with your fire damage restoration and smoke removal promptly and effectively. We will make sure that your home is clean, smoke free and restored.

JD Restorations has a rigorous fire damage restoration and smoke removal service. We will examine the area damaged by the fire and create a detailed strategy to fit your specific needs. The restoration process after any fire at JD Restorations is as follows:

  • Inspection

When we inspect your home, we will make sure to notate all the damages caused by the fire and any other damages your home incurred due to the extinguishing efforts.

  • Equipment Preparation

Our team will establish the necessary units needed to complete your clean-up, restoration and smoke removal in the least amount of time possible.

  • Water Removal & Drying

Fires may be extinguished by using large quantities of water. In this case water damages will be present and will need to be mitigated accordingly.

  • Zone Preparation

The JD Restorations team will prepare all zones affected to commence the fire damage restoration process.

  • Containment

Part of conducting a proper and effective restoration is containing damaged areas. This part of the process in conducted to eliminate cross contamination of other areas in the home.

  • Damage Content Removal & Disposal

Any debris and damaged portions of the home will be carefully removed and disposed of.

  • Dehumidification

When water is used to eliminate the fire, it must be extracted from the home and all areas dehumidified.

  • Final Clean-Up

The clean-up is a consistent part of any of our processes. The final clean-up will be a detailed inspection of the work, a final cleaning of the areas and ensuring that they are ready for turnover.


Any damages your home has incurred will be mitigated by our well-trained technicians. They will use top of the line equipment and state of the art technology. The damages caused by the fire and the smoke will be a thing of the past. We will work for your benefit and your family’s comfort. The magnitude of the damage is no variable for us, we can meet any of your needs with highly professional solutions. All of the dirt, dust and smog will be removed; having your family’s health and well-being in mind.

When a fire affects your home and is not mitigated properly, it may consequently affect your health. This will happen if the mitigation is not done properly. Smoke can be the originating factor in respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies. After a fire is extinguished, smoke may remain for a while if the home is not restored properly. It is important that the smoke removal service begin as soon as the restoration does and continues until the soot and smog are completely removed. Our process and equipment will be sure to remove those odors and bring back a healthy environment in your home. Cleaning, sanitizing, and the prevention of mold growth are also part of our mitigation after fire damage.

JD Restorations is a certified and insured company that covers the state of Florida with local presence in several of the major cities in the United States.


Levels of fire damage

Knowledge is power and when discussing fires, it is essential to know the basics. Let’s talk about the different levels of fire damage and the different types of fire. Depending on the extension of the affected area and the damages we have listed the following:

  • Minor fire damage: a small area is affected and a few to moderate amount of smoke is left. Minimum restoration is required.
  • Medium fire damage: in this level the smoke is moderate and home damages are a little more extended; replacement of drywall, coat restorations and repainting is usually required.
  • Major fire damage: this level involves such high temperatures during fire that the damages include charring of structure and/or furniture. A major restoration is required.


Types of fire damage

It is important that you know that not all fires are the same. They also cannot be treated in the same way during the restoration process. The source of a fire will help you to identify the type of fire it is. Below is a list of fires causes and their classes.

  • Class A: solid materials (wood, paper or textiles)
  • Class B: resulting from flammable liquids (oil, petroleum, diesel, etc.)
  • Class C: involves gases
  • Class D: is related to metals
  • Class E: originated by electrical appliances, lamps, etc.
  • Class F: caused by cooking oils like the one in fryers.


Protein Fire

Protein fires originate from burnt food and grease that accumulates over extended periods of time. The residue is usually not visible, but when the fire ignites the odor is severe and it impregnates itself on everything.

Complex Fire

A complex fire is when two or more separate fire start, burning multiple materials at one time. This type of fire produces black smoke, pungent odors and thick residuals that stick to surfaces. There is a high-risk level of intoxication with this type of fire.

Natural Fire

Fires produced naturally are caused by natural occurrences or by humanly caused ones. In natural cases lighting or combustible vegetation spark the fire. In natural humanly caused occurrences, the fire is started by many different reasons. Some of those include: improper agricultural land clearing, unattended campfires or improperly putting a campfire out.


Tips to prevent fire damage

Prevention is key in situations in which fire is concerned. This is especially true because fires are hazardous events that expose your life to unsafe situations and jeopardize your family’s safety. There are some safety measures that you should keep in mind when preventing fires in the home. These prevention tips are as follows:

  • Maintain and check your security system regularly. Systems like smoke detectors and alarms to detect any fire alert should be tested monthly.
  • Discuss an evacuation plan with your family. Put an evacuation plan in place in case of emergencies and make sure that you are discussing possible escape routes with all living in the home.
  • Do not store flammable fluids near fire sources or extremely hot areas.
  • Always check electrical appliances and electrical terminals: short circuits can cause fires too.


Tips to follow before the fire damage restoration begins

Besides the fire damage in your home, you will have to deal with the aftermath. Here are some general tips that will help you along with the process. Remember that your life and that of your family’s are important. Following these tips will keep you safe and help the restoration move along faster. If your home is on fire, put the evacuation plan you have set in motion. Evacuate your home and call 911.

  • Always follow the advice of the professionals. This is for your family’s safety. Remember to trust the professionals and their expertise. They know what to do during emergency situations and will advise you accordingly to keep and your family out of harm’s way.
  • Do not remove debris yourself. This is a job for professionals.
  • Damage left by the fire may leave structural damage. This will make reentry to your home unsafe. Do not reenter the home unless otherwise directed by the fire department.
  • Cleaning the affected area, will require a professional deep cleaning. This cleanup will be done during the restoration process, do not attempt to do it yourself.

When you contact us at JD Restorations, we will assist you and provide you with an exceptional experience. Our mitigation professionals are dedicated and ready to respond to your call immediately.  Remember that a quick response can prevent further damages and reduces costs. That is why we are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. We offer free inspections, free initial visits and estimates and most importantly our customers always come first.