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JD Restorations - Miami
We will bill your insurance company directly

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Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Removal

Most people enjoy being in a comfortable environment. One hazard that could affect this comfort in a negative way is that of airborne contaminants. Many people are concerned not just about the discomfort associated with a foul smell within their homes, offices or vehicles, but also about how the odor impacts their health.

Odor are gases which emanate from a source into the air, where they are recognized by the nose. Odors, whether pleasant or unpleasant, are gases that people notice. “Heightened Awareness Odor” or “Psychological Odors” are terms used by some people to describe odors which people believe they smell, based on experiences, suggestions and past impressions. The fact that we do not smell an odor does not mean that the odor doesn’t exist.

Odor is most obvious when both temperature and relative humidity are high. Odor molecules are physically held by a surface of a material without actually reacting chemically with the material through a process called adsorption. The more porous a material, the more of an odor it adsorbs.

Fire is the result of three elements that cause combustion, also known as the self-sustaining process of rapid oxidation: fuel, oxygen and heat. Smoke and soot particles are the visual by-products of incomplete combustion. Incompletely combusted substances produce odors. In addition to carbon particles, there are also gases associated with combustion.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are commonly produced during and after a fire. Soot particles and PAHs have been reported to be carcinogenic. For this reason, only professionals using proper personal protective equipment and activated carbon filtration equipment should be called to properly mitigate fire-related damages.

There are three types of soot residues produced in a fire. They are:

• Protein Residues: The result from overcooked or burned meat, fish, or beans. The residue color range falls between yellow and brown. The texture is greasy and sticks to most surfaces that it encounters.

• Natural Substance Odor and Residue: The result from burned paper or wood. Campfires, forest fires and wood fireplaces produce natural substance odors. These residues are grey to black and have a dry, powder-like texture to it.

• Synthetic Residues: The result of burned material that is oil based. Carpets, upholstery, window shades and draperies, furniture and toys are all constructed with synthetic materials. These materials produce a thick, heavy black-smeared residue when they burn.

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The JD Process

At JD Restorations, we understand what you are going through. That’s why we make it a priority to help put your worries at ease by being transparent with the work that needs to be done to restore your property. We believe that the best approach is the most knowledgeable approach. When in doubt, any question is a great question, but to help you along the way, here are a few steps to help you understand better:

Step 1

Initial contact is made to obtain as much information from you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Step 2

Our technicians will greet and introduce themselves and explain what they will be doing to help restore your property from fire and smoke damage once their inspection is complete.

Step 3

Potential hazards, active utilities and environmental control systems are identified to prevent injuries and further damage.

Step 4

Our technicians will photograph and document all pre-existing conditions of the structure and contents, as well as the location of the damage, general appearance and present condition.

Step 5

Severely damaged building materials and contents are removed and disposed of. Salvageable contents are cleaned.

Step 6

Structural cleaning and odor removal is performed.

Step 7

After the work is done, we perform a final walk through with you to ensure all affected areas are ready for a rebuild. We also make ourselves available for any scheduled inspections from your insurance carrier.

JD Restorations is a licensed mold remediation company with the State of Florida. At the first sign of microbial growth, JD Restorations can get your home back on track and make that mold problem of yours an afterthought.