Fires come without previous notice and you are not prepared. Your emergency and the damages caused to your property might be a small case or a devastating incident. In any circumstance your premises will need special treatment that requires experience and professionalism. The odors and smoke remaining in your property must be attended with specialized equipment and protocols approved by the standard industry (IICRC)

Remember that safety is first. In a long term, smoke can cause severe health conditions and you should act on time. A total and meticulous cleanup must be applied to indoor and outdoor spaces after a decontamination process. Most of the times in the process of firefighting the water plays an important role, nevertheless it will cause additional damages and if your property is left with the humidity a mold growth can develop.

JD Restorations is a certified and insured company that covers all Florida State with local presence in various of the most important cities:

It’s important to maintain and check regularly your security systems like smoke detectors and alarms to detect any fire alert.  Discuss with your family and put in place an evacuation plan in case of emergencies.

Tips in case of a Fire:

  1. Keep calm. Most of accidents worsen when stress dominates our actions.
  2. Call the Emergency Services (911)
  3. Keep away of any hazard and wait until fire has been extinguished.
  4. Contact any claim consultant to assist you in the process of the loss.
  5. Contact an expert to know if your property can be occupied.

What are the common types of fire?

Protein Fire

Can be an extensive problem that you cannot see, protein fire it is caused by food that has been burned and usually has not visible residuals, but the odor is present at any time, you can not underestimate this damage.

Complex Fire

When a fire starts inside your property multiple materials burn and cause a black smoke, odors and residuals that can be located in the surfaces and structures, the risk level of intoxication is high and you should act promptly.

Natural Fire


If you contact JD Restorations we can assist you and provide you with the better experience in Fire and Water Damage Restoration process our professionals are dedicated to respond immediately.  Remember that a rapid response can prevent further damages and reduces your costs.

We are available 24/7 the 365 days of the year and you can use your insurance company, JD Restorations offers free inspections, free visits and estimates.  Our customers are first.