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Odor Removal & Control Services

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Odor Removal & Control Services

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Odor Removal & Control Services

Most people enjoy being in a comfortable environment. One hazard that could affect this comfort in a negative way is that of airborne contaminants. Many people are concerned not just about the discomfort associated with a foul smell within their homes, offices or vehicles, but also about how the odor impacts their health.

Odor are gases which emanate from a source into the air, where they are recognized by the nose. Odors, whether pleasant or unpleasant, are gases that people notice. “Heightened Awareness Odor” or “Psychological Odors” are terms used by some people to describe odors which people believe they smell, based on experiences, suggestions and past impressions. The fact that we do not smell an odor does not mean that the odor doesn’t exist.

Odor is most obvious when both temperature and relative humidity are high. Odor molecules are physically held by a surface of a material without actually reacting chemically with the material through a process called adsorption. The more porous a material, the more of an odor it adsorbs.

Sources of Odor

There are many sources that lead to odor. Some of the most common are:

• Water damages that lead to microbial (mold, fungi, bacteria) growth.
• Sewage backups that lead to microbial growth.
• Smoke fumes caused by fire.
• Pet odors caused by urine, feces or body oils.
• Dead animals.
• Tobacco use.
• Trauma scene odors caused by blood.
• Fuel oil spills.

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Four Principles of Odor Control

The only way to treat odors is to follow a multi-step deodorization procedure that includes:

Step 1

 Removing as much of the odor source as possible.

Step 2

Cleaning the contaminated area.

Step 3

Penetrating all surfaces and spaces that have been in contact with odor molecules.

Step 4

 Sealing the area.

JD Restorations is here to properly eliminate odors from your home, office or vehicle. With IICRC certifications in odor control, we here at JD Restorations are held to uphold the very standard that protects your property when sudden damages occur. When a disaster event occurs, JD Restorations can be counted on to restore a property to a safe, healthy environment because of our quick response, extreme reliability and attention to detail.