Odor Removal


Unpleasant odors can affect everything around you. Not only are bad odors unpleasant, but some are caused by bacteria that is detrimental to your health. Strong smells clip on to everything in the home. Your clothes, your furniture, carpets and any porous surface around. The longer you wait to eliminate it, the longer the smell it has to seep into everything. Major causes of uncontrollable odor problems, stem from events such as:


  • Water Damage
  • Mold Infestations
  • Floods
  • Sewage Backups
  • Bursting Black or Grey water pipes
  • Sitting Rain Storm Water
  • Fires
  • Smoke and Soot


You may have a complete and rigorous cleaning routine at home, you may even want to disguise the smells with deodorant sprays. No matter what you do or how hard you try, the stench is continuous. After unexpected events such as these, odors in the home are unbearable. Disasters leave many scars, but bad odors should not be one of them.


At that point you must hire the professionals. At JD Restorations, we provide a complete odor removal service. We are at your service 24/7, 365 days as year to remove all those unpleasant odors and give your home a fresh start. Odors can come from any source but with us you can be sure that no odor is too strong for us. Our technicians are specialized, and we have the latest equipment to get the job completed effectively.



JD Restoration Odor Removal Process


During our professional odor removal process, you will be able to understand where the odor is coming from, why it is spreading throughout your home, what we will be doing to eliminate the cause and how we will be preventing it from resurfacing.


Making Contact

  1. Contacting us will open the door to a complete team of experts that will help you through the entire process. We will schedule the initial visit for the inspection, and possibly pinpoint where the odors are coming from.


  1. We will arrive at your home to complete a walk thru of the area you believe the odor is stemming from. We will complete a detailed report about the property and possible sources.

Scheduling Technicians

  1. Depending on the findings of the inspection, we will produce an action plan to best suit the needs of your property. This will then be provided to out technicians and they will be able to program the equipment and chemicals needed for the service.


  1. Depending on the identified source, if the source is water; equipment to dehumidify the area beforehand will be required.


  1. Cleaning of the areas are removal of any lingering source will be conducted.


Problem Odors


Before starting any odor removal service, it is important to determine the origin of the odor if it is not already known. Sometimes domestic cleaners and air fresheners can resolve the odor issue temporarily, but our professional technicians will use commercial grade products; that will take care of them from the root cause. Commercial deodorizers eradicate odors and finding the source and eliminating it will be key in making sure the odors are gone for good.


Normally bad odors increase your home if there is poor ventilation. It is always good to identify where the smell is coming from. The most typical places bad smelling odors come from are:


  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Improperly Cleaned Carpets
  • Bathroom
  • Garbage


Even though these are the most common bad odors can come from anywhere and are not limited to just those listed above. Some other causes of bad odors in the home are:


* Pets

Having pets is like adding family members to our family tree. However, they are culprits in odor causing bacteria. Walking your dog exposes them to dirt and wastes. When they come back into the home, they lay on the couch and walk on the rugs. The constant exposure to the dirt and grime is accumulated in sections of the home. Cleaning measures can only go so far.


* Carpet odor

Carpets accumulate dust and particles. Even if you vacuum the rug frequently, particles still remain in the fibers. Walking over carpets with shoes on also transfers dirt. If you have pets, they walk on the rug as well. After a while carpets expel musty smells.


* Sinks

Sinks are prone to collecting gunk. Mildew forms around the edges and creases. Particles of food, hair, soaps and other sources accumulate in the pipes as well. They cling to the layers of grime that form in pipes causing them to rot.


* Garbage disposal

It is important to clean garbage disposals frequently. Particles of food and other wastes accumulate as well, rot and start to expel strong odors. They will also clog causing back-ups. These back-ups will cause water to sit and overflow. When this happens, water damage happens. Sitting water is perfect for mold spores to grow on.



You must clean your toilet bowls regularly. Make sure it is flushing properly. When toilets overflow, they will spread black water. Black water will contain bodily fluids and feces.



Smoke odor is one of the most difficult ones to get rid of. If you have smoked in your home, or even if you have rented out a property that was smoked in, professional assistance will be needed. Smoke seeps into porous surfaces which compose a large part of your home. It clings to carpets, furniture, bedding etc.



Sewage odor can be the result of water trapped somewhere in the pipes. Water must run smoothly in all your drains. Otherwise odors will rise to the surface. Sewage odor smells like rotten eggs and is extremely unpleasant.


*Moldy and Musty

Mold and musty smells are product of either previous water damage, water damage that has not been properly repaired, mold growth etc. Because pipes are in walls and underground around the home, you may not be aware that you have a problem until its too late. Water causes humidity and when warm conditions are added to the mix, condensation happens. Without proper ventilation the water trickles and sits. This will cause mold and rot on surfaces and areas in and around the home.


With JD Restorations you can be certain that not only will we eliminate odor, but our teams will find the origin of damage. Trying to mask odors with sprays and scent oils, will only be a temporary solution. Problems like these can turn out to be much worse if they are not handled with professional help. But if after a deep cleaning the odor remains, and you know it is time to hire professionals; contact JD Restoration for a comprehensive odor removal treatment. Our teams are waiting to help.